Here’s A DooM Door Sound Trailer To Darken Your Day, Or Was That DooM 4

Even though id software isn’t at E3 2014 that doesn’t mean they can’t tease some upcoming fun. This latest trailer for the DooM door sound is great, I mean, so many memories come flooding back for me just by hearing that iconic noise, it’s insane. Oh I guess there’s also a few other things here, this is a DooM 4 trailer after all.

There’s also the shaded review of a Cyberdemon powering up and getting ready to kick some ass. Now if you’ll remember the Cyberdemon was not the first monster to make you screan HOLY SHIT, that honor goes to the Hell Knight when you first laid eyes on it. No the Cyberdemon was more devious, it made you mouth WTF when you first heard the pounding of it’s footsteps even before laying your eyes on the monstrosity. That was before it let out a deafening roar to make you shit your pants at 2am.

Will DooM 4 bring you back to that place where even loaded for bear a simple sound could cause you fear? I hope so, it would be a wonderful experience to get caught up in the terror once again just like all those years ago. We’ll get to know more about DooM 4 at QuakeCon 2014 July 17th.