Got Questions, We Got Answers… well some of them


How does Weekly Gaming Recap pick stories for the show?

Right now we use Google reader and pick the highest liked stories from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Kotaku and Joystiq. So far we’ve found that these 3 sites get a decent amount of likes and we only use one story per day per site with 2 stories per day. This seems to work out best for us as it’s 14 stories total for the week that we can each chose 7 from and when you add on the weekly video game releases we get a little over 10 minutes of footage so under the 15 minute YouTube limit.


Why does Nick post the most stories?

Nick is online the most, basically all day everyday so it’s easiest for us right now. However if you would like to write for us head on over to the Contact Page and drop us a line


Why are there very few stories posted/why are there almost no stories posted on the weekend?

This isn’t our full time job, yet, though maybe with your help it can be! Basically we both still have actual jobs, yes I know boring. Nick posts stories as he can all day, usually around 10 or more a day. We shoot the video every Saturday and then edit the video, which takes FOREVER. You would think a 10 minute show would be a quick cut, copy, paste and upload but it takes us around 4 to 10 hours to complete. It all depends on what’s going on and what Nick’s crazy brain has come up with after we record the dialog and need to add in pictures and video. Right now it takes about 2 to 4 hours to render and upload the video to YouTube and another hour or two to add all the story links, posts, test the hyperlinks, webstuff, etc. That usually rolls into Sunday and we also try and squeeze in some “our time” together, we are married after all. So if you would like to help post stories, reviews, videos, whatever click here and drop us a line.


What do you use to record the Weekly Gaming Recap shows?

We use a cheap tripod, a Kodak Zi8 camera, an Audio-Technica AT-3350 microphone, a homemade teleprompter, we edit the videos in Sony Vegas Platinum 10 and all the pictures are edited with various image programs like The Gimp.

What do you use to record gameplay videos?

Currently we use a Hauppage Colossus HD recorder set to 720p and use the component out of the Playstation 3.