Calm Your Nerves With This Caffeine (PC) Demo

Caffeine has been percolating awhile now but like they say all good things come to those who wait. If you need your shot of Caffeine like that double espresso you picked up this morning then Dylan Browne over at Incandescent Imaging has the fix you’ve been craving. The latest demo from AVCon 2015 is live right here so if you want you can take a trip into the Caffeine madness. I would say that you’re probably going to hit some spoilers but according to Dylan the demo does contain new sound design so be sure to turn down the lights and turn up the volume. Obviously anything and everything can change to don’t expect the demo to represent the final game but if you have the shakes drink up!


Demo Release – Caffeine AVCon 2015 Demo

Today Incandescent Imaging is excited to release the atmospheric Caffeine demo shown during AVCon 2015 in Adelaide, South Australia.

The demo is an atmospheric experience with sound effects from Jonathan Wachoru and music from Adam Klingman of Bay Drive Sound.

The demo can be found over