From Up On High We Get A Cloudbuilt (PC) Launch Trailer

Look there, up in the sky, with jet packs on and crazy parkour moves comes the super fast Cloudbuilt trailer. You don’t know about Cloudbuilt, we told you about it here, it’s only the fastest third person, free running, jack pack using, shooting, collecting game among the clouds ever.

Watching this Cloudbuilt trailer should make you go “Weeeeee”, it not then I’m sorry to say you’ve lost your soul to the Soul Wars of 20xx. The rest of you will love this, it looks so fluid, which after playing a crap load of Titanfall should mean we all feel right at home. Only this time, like Lightning McQueen, it really is all about speed and who’s the fastest on those Steam leaderboards and we’ll know soon enough as Cloudbuilt is set to launch March 20th on Steam.