2012-04-20 Weekly Gaming Recap Show

This Weeks Stories:
Crysis’ Engine Just got an Upgrade, Makes Fish-Men Look Beautiful [Video] – Kotaku
Best Buy Offering Pre-orders For…Half-Life 2: Episode 3? [Update: The Joke Was a Hoax] [Half-life] – Kotaku
Hands On: Prison Architect – Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Book: Halo film failed because Microsoft doesn’t ‘get’ Hollywood – Joystiq
Breivik Testifies About Gaming, Press Ignores The Facts – Rock, Paper, Shotgun
That Was Easy: Valve’s Hardware Is Wearable Computing – Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Exactly What It Sounds Like: Minecraft DOTA – Rock, Paper, Shotgun
It’s People Like This That Make me not Want to Play Battlefield 3 Any More [Video] – Kotaku
Prince of Persia source code successfully rescued – Joystiq
Halo 4 awakens Master Chief on November 6 – Joystiq
God of War: Ascension’ art leaks [update: teaser trailer too!] – Joystiq
Fan-made Battlefield 5 on Google Glasses concept video turns life into a warzone – Joystiq
Play some card games with the cast of Zelda – Joystiq
Diablo 3 beta open to all this weekend – Joystiq