Incoming! Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Trailer Spot And Guerrilla Mode Videos Are Here

This is more a teaser for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier but hey we’ll take what we can get since it’s looking so great, we just need to play it now. I still question why they keep play the line “If You Got To Kill Do It Quiet” and then proceed to show everything blowing the hell up. Hopefully they’ll be the ability to do most missions as quiet as possible for that extra stealth element. Next we check out Guerrilla Mode where stealth is key and co-op is the way to play. Take over an area and wait for insurgents to show up. As waves and waves of guys show up points, bonuses, streaks and teamwork is the only chance you have to push further in guerrilla mode. Check out the all of the ruckus below in both videos below, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is shaping up to be one to watch.

Source Link:  YouTube

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Trailer Spot

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Guerrilla Mode Trailer