2012-03-16 Weekly Gaming Recap Show

This Weeks Stories Are:

Fight Jihl Nabaat in latest Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC – Joystiq
Remembering Moebius, a Man Who Helped Video Games More Than You Might Think [Fine Art] – Kotaku
Yasuhiro Wada waxes nostalgic about Harvest Moon – Joystiq
What’s it like to have your indie game stolen?’ – Joystiq
Stop Thinking You’re a Producer,’ Former Mass Effect Designer Tells Gamers [Dlc] – Kotaku
The Dorkly Weekly: When You Put it That Way Yeah, Zelda II Was Kinda Dirty (NSFW) [Video] – Kotaku
Halo: The Fallen’ fan film is gorgeous, gory, grunty – Joystiq
Mechwarrior Online gameplay trailer: online – Joystiq
Double Fine’s Adventure Game Will Have the Longest Credits Sequence of All Time [Double Fine Adventure] – Kotaku
Wind Waker Reimagined is a Wonderful Thing [Zelda] – Kotaku
Sega Might Actually Re-Release Shenmue in HD (and Skies of Arcadia!) [Sega] – Kotaku
Transforming LEGO Game Boy and Tetris carts roll out – Joystiq
Dying Boy Gets His Own Personal Virtual Wonderland Built by a Game Community in Just Four Days – Kotaku
Diablo 3 emerges from hell May 15 – Joystiq

Video Game Releases For March 20th 2012

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