2012-01-06 Weekly Gaming Recap Show

This weeks stories are:

SWTOR Ban For High Level Looting? Unlikely – Rock, Paper, Shotgun
SWTOR Ilum Bans Were Real, Nuanced – Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Report: Anonymous after Sony execs, not PSN – Joystiq
List of Senators Supporting SOPA/PIPA – Reddit
Big Game Makers Take Names Off SOPA Support [Sopa] – Kotaku
ESA stands behind proposed SOPA legislation, issues statement – Joystiq
cTrix’s gATARI2600 chiptune “guitar” – Joystiq
The Zelda Timeline Has Now Been Fixed – Kotaku
The kid succeeds: Bastion sales exceed 500K – Joystiq
Portal Boots Look Great in the Real World – Kotaku
South Park RPG Looks Like South Park – Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Play Kid Icarus in 16-bit, in your browser – Joystiq
Gary Oldman spits out a few Reznov lines on Conan, in a bowtie – Joystiq
Steam sales increase 100 percent for the seventh straight year – Joystiq
Firaxis Re-Making XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Rock, Paper, Shotgun
An Exciting List Of PC Games For 2012 – Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Peter Coffin – Arrow in The Knee (Skyrim Rap) – YouTube
Retrode 2 USB device lets you play real SNES and Genesis games in emulators – Joystiq

Video Game Releases for January 10th 2012

PlayStation 3
National Geographic Challenge (PS3)