Playstation 3 (PS3) System Software Update v3.70

The latest 3.7 Playstation 3 update brings with it something that has been lacking since it was added, Automatic Trophy Sync. I’m unsure why you’ve ever had to sync your trophies instead of having the system do it for you but it’s finally here. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on who you are, this one is only for Playstation Plus Members, PS Plus members can also setup Automatic Game Saves to the cloud as well, however for that you have to pick per game, it doesn’t just sync all of your saves to the cloud for you.

There will be a new slot in the XMB for TV/Video Services which is where Hulu PLUS, VUDU and Netflix will move to. You can now send friends a link to recommended items on the Playstation Store so they can easily purchase it if they want without any confusion as to what you might have told them verbally. I hope with this TV/Video Services slot on the XMB it means we will be getting more video services added to the PS3, more choice is always a good thing.

Finally the blu-ray function of the Playstation 3 is getting more 3D support, specifically when accessing Java-based special features, DTS-H MA & DTS-HD HR decoding & bit stream output for 3D movies and lastly 3D photos in the MPO format.
Not a a bad update, it’s a little light in the gaming department besides the auto trophy sync and auto game save sync but I think it’s slowly moving toward perfection.

Source Link:  Playstation Blog